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Cords and Threads

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About the Cords and Threads

All of our cords and threads are individually hand dyed.  This means that although we use the same technique to dye the cords and threads, the pattern in each length will not be exactly the same.  Different cords and threads also dye to different levels of intensity. 

As there are many variables in the dyeing process, we cannot guarantee 100% colour consistency between dye lots.  If you are planning to do a number of pieces in a series and need consistency of colour, please contact us and we will dye the cords and threads for you in one dye lot.  Email info@feltedandstitched.co.nz

All the cords and threads have been rinsed and washed after dyeing.

Cords and Threads Lengths

  • A muslin cord (approximately 5cm wide) - in 5 metre lengths
  • A stranded Bamboo Thread - in 10 metre lengths
  • A 6 stranded Mercerised Cotton Thread - in 10 metre lengths
  • A 4 stranded Cotton Silk Thread (70% silk/30% cotton) - in 25 metre lengths
  • A Linen Cord (3 cord) - 10 metre lengths

  • A Linen Cord (6 cord) - 10 metre lengths
  • A four stranded Rayon Thread - 10 metre lengths
  • A Satin Cord/Rattail - in 5 metre lengths

Please note that the images on the website and other published material are as accurate as possible, the colours you see on screen may differ to the actual due to lighting and computer monitor settings.

Muslin, Stranded Bamboo, Mercerised Cotton, Cotton Silk, Linen and Rayon


Satin Cord/Rattail